OPC Cement - Paper bag

25kg OPC Cement - Paper bag

The popular Hanson OPC Ordinary Portland Cement can be used for a wide variety of applications, recommended for use as a general purpose cement in concrete, mortar, render, screed and grouts. Hanson OPC Cement is predominantly grey-ish in colour and is therefore suited for use where aesthetic appeal is less of a priority. It is advised that any Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) should not be used in below ground applications where there are Sulphates present.

- Hanson Ordinary Portland Cement is compatible for use with a range of additives and admixtures, further extending properties such as workability, or air entraining
- OPC is produced in accordance with strict quality control guidelines, conforming to CE marking and various BS EN standards
- Low CO2 cement
- Declared Cr(VI) shelf life is shown on the bag

- Hanson OPC is supplied in a paper bag
- Store in a dry place

OPC Cement - Paper bag

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