Romex Colour Enhancer & Sealer

Romex Colour Enhancer

The special solution for the refining and visual improvement of paving to make them water and dirt repellent. It enhances the structure and the colour of the paving , improving the visual effect long term.

The paving surfaces have a more intense and refined colour after application.

Romex Easy Jointing Compound

With Romex Easy, the easiest to use, ready mixed and a 1 component epoxy resin pavement fixing mortar for pedestrian traffic. It is no longer a problem to joint paving stones cleanly and permanently, without having to over stretch your budget. ROMEX pavement fixing mortars are proven to be long lasting throughout whole stretches of paving. The slabs in pedestrian zones can be jointed just as well as jointing on heavily trafficked roads and regardless of where the paving stones you are wanting to joint are situated, you can always be sure to achieve a clean result with no cement residue.

You will no longer need to worry about frost damage or your joints being washed out, as all products are frost free, de icing salt and street sweeper resistant. In addition weeds are no longer able to take hold, thus ensuring a permanently visually attractive jointed surface. ROMPOX EASY is suitable for professional use as well as DIY. If you value a good visual result, the easy application and environmentally friendly construction methods then use ROMEX pavement fixing mortars for the of your paving stones.

Suitable for: all porous types of stone (natural stones, concrete stones, mortor, paving stones etc.), for small surfaces (stairs, paths, patios etc.) and in construction work. For indoor and outdoor use.

Romex Colour Enhancer & Sealer

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