Kota Blue Limestone

Unlike the riven look of sandstone, limestone paving has a flatter smooth finish akin to orange peel and is very consistent in depth, making it useful for use indoors.  Blue Limestone in an attractive and consistent shade of slate blue and works well when mixed with black limestone accessories such as cobbles used for edging a paved area. Blue limestone is also a great alternative to slate in the home. Many of our customers have chosen this stone for kitchens and commercially, it has been used in bars, restaurants and car showrooms. Kota Blue is available in three single sizes. It is also available in our ever-popular RF7 Project Pack which offers a mixed pack of flags for laying random designs.

Available in the below sizes or pack options;

290mm x 600mm

600mm x 600mm

600mm x 900mm

Project Pack - 19.19 Sq/m

Kota Blue Limestone

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