Coursing Bricks

Coursing Bricks

Designed to be used in all construction types, can also be used in conjunction with dense aggregate blocks. General usage includes:

  • As kicker units to bring block work to wall height
  • Making up courses in block work
  • As reveals, jambs and window heads

The 140mm width units are particularly suitable for use in the inner leaf of Three-storey buildings and party walls (Ref parts A and E of the building regulations) in addition to the requirements of BS8103, ‘Structural Design of Low Rise Buildings’

Composition:     A mixture of sand, aggregate and ordinary Portland cement.
Manufacture: Pressed and envirocured
Shape: Regular in shape without frogs or voids
Compression Strength: 22.5N/mm2 when normalised to BSEN 772-1-2000
Dry Bulk Density: 2000/2100 kg/m3
Work size: 215mm x 140mm x 65mm (+/- 2mm)
Dry Weight: 4.0kg-4.1kg approximately
Pack Size: 312 on shrink wrapped non returnable pallets

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