Infill Flooring & Medium Dense Blocks

Infill Flooring & Medium Dense Blocks

Standard infill blocks used to infill between the beams can have densities ranging from 600kg/m³ to 2000kg/m³ to suit thermal or sound requirements.

There are two main advantages to using a medium dense concrete block for infilling, these would be; greater sound resistance and an increased thermal mass capacity.

Infill blocks should be 100mm thick with a compressive strength of 3.5N/mm² or 7.0N/mm² and be able to support a minimum transverse load of 3.5kN on a 420mm span.

Where blocks are built into loadbearing walls the compressive strength must be equal to or greater than that of the blocks used in the wall construction. For garage floor applications, blocks with 7.0N/mm² compressive strength.

Our range of  Concrete Blocks are specifically selected and are available for delivery.

A low cost unit for general building work. Designed for various usage from internal walls to footings, this brick is ideal for cutting purposes thus helping to reduce cost and waste issues on site.

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Available in 100mm and 140mm Dense Weight Block - Pack Size 9m2140mm 3.5N Medium Dense Weight Block ..

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Availalbe in 100mm Dense Weight Block - Pack Size 9m2140mm 7N Medium Dense Weight Block - Pack Size ..

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